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"Integrity Through Service"

Specialist Services

Black Fox Risk Management provides a range of services which are objective, fair, reliable and accurate.

All matters are treated with the utmost confidentiality and our clients receive the highest standards of professional service and integrity.

Our track record of Robbery, Fraud, Theft, Extortion, Sexual Harassment, Corruption and Nepotism investigations for clients, include mining companies and other large corporate firms, in different sectors of the economy.  Additionally as part of the service, we liase with the South African Police Services where criminal cases were opened, with the purpose of ensuring successful criminal prosecution of those involved.

  • Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Brand Protection
  • Security
  • Intelligence Gathering
  • Profiling & Screening


Black Fox Risk Management undertakes Forensic as well as Criminal including Fraud and Civil Investigations. 

Business Forensic Investigation is the gathering and analysis of all crime-related physical evidence in order to come to a conclusion about a suspect.  Investigators will look at hard drives, computers, or other technology to establish how a crime took place.

Criminal Investigation is an applied science that involves the study of facts, used to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal. A complete criminal investigation can include searching, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection and preservation and various methods of investigation.

A Civil Investigation uncovers and assembles evidence required for a civil trial. A civil trial is a type of court case involving two individual citizens who disagree on an issue that relates to their rights as citizens.


Black Fox Risk Management offers Electronic, Surveillance and Counter surveillance which also can include physical surveillance to determine the risk and or prevent further loss of income.

Electronic surveillance is the use of such electronic devices as television monitors, video cameras, and physical surveillance.

Counter surveillance refers to measures undertaken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. … More often than not, counter surveillance will employ a set of actions (countermeasures) that, when followed, reduce eliminate the risk of surveillance to you and or your organisation.

Black Fox Risk Management operatives are all trained in both surveillance and counter surveillance techniques.

We are also able to supply and fit a tracking device so you know where your vehicle is at all times!

Brand Protection

Brand Protection is the act of preventing someone from illegally making and selling a product using a brand name owned by another company. Items for sale using an illegally applied brand name or trademark are referred to as Counterfeit Goods.

Anti-Dumping Investigations refer to the process where a company imports or exports a product by either miss declaring the product or importing the product at a lower rate and there by flooding the local market and putting local companies and jobs at risk.

Black Fox Risk Management operatives are able to assist companies in protecting their brands and in investigating alleged dumping infringements.


Design and implementation of Technical Security Measures, CCTV and Alarm systems to heighten your private and organisations security, but also to identify possible criminal acts to facilitate enforcement action against those responsible.

Intelligence Gathering

Through the use of undercover operatives to identify individuals or syndicates responsible for financial loss or alternatively to reduce the risk to your organization for potential loss.

Profiling & Pre-Employment Screening

Individual / Company profiling, Background checks/ Risk assessments, Pre-employment vetting including Polygraph Testing & Fingerprint analyzing.

We also provide bespoke software to assist with the profiling / identification of entities such as businesses and or persons using information drawn from social media and other specific websites.

Additional Services